Hi everyone ♡

Firstly, here’s a sign, add my contact info for private services. Welcome to my little passion that has been keeping me stable since the recession. To say the least, it's no where near what I want it to be yet but I am a Hair artist and mom of 1. I collected beautiful artwork naturally inspiring to my visions since I was a child. 

 Thank you for your time and consistent support! I hope my services provides diverse satisfaction to you in your journey forever!  There is special meaning behind encouraging one another.  I am just a entrepreneur from a little middle-class city.

I am very appreciative of my daughter for being the best angel a mother can cherish and protect. Rentong By P means “To identify with (in mandarin)”  The future will require for us to learn Chinese. I like how Life is a great time of becoming. It is art. Isn’t it? From the hair on our heads  to the clothes in our home, we attract family oriented leaders with fun energy. 

Stay in touch for live music, art events and free giveaways! Follow Rentong By P on all platforms! Let’s build a safe community and promote awarenesses for our lifestyles. . Together we can fight for good habits and achievements. I hope to see you again.